About Neat Organic.

We’re making organic fruit & veg more affordable and appealing to the great people that want to be more considerate, but don’t shop in those expensive places.

We work with passionate Farmers. Awesome!

We’re a specialist dedicated organic business, based in Norfolk. A joint venture business combining great experience in a global organic market across many different sectors, we’ve been growing organic root veg for 25 years!

We work with great people that are passionate about growing amazing produce and making organic fruit and veg the only choice. But more than that, we produce our products with as little impact on the environment as possible – all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our products have been specifically selected – providing an exciting, engaging, contemporary range of affordable organic fresh produce that exceeds consumer expectations for price, taste, choice and quality.

Our Bold, eye-catching and simple packaging is specifically matched to our consumers requirements, containing smaller quantity of fruit and veg. We’re reducing waste and ensuring freshness and the best taste possible – allowing us to achieve a fair, affordable price for organic produce.

Maybe the best thing about us is our passion. We care about what we do and what we grow. It’s simple really, we think they taste amazing and they’re 100% natural. How awesome is that?